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Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

At Hydra Clean, our local company roots are in professional carpet cleaning. We got started serving the market in Hattiesburg in 2002, cleaning and restoring carpets in apartments and rental houses, and over the last twelve years, you can believe we’ve seen it all. In fact, we’re still doing it.

We clean apartment carpets everyday where we resolve stain issues such as removing kool-aid or juice stains with our special heat transfer reduction process leaving your carpets looking great. We correct bleach damage using our spot dye process, where we actually dye the affected fibers back to their original color.

We also remove stains such as grease, gum, wax and rust and also odor, saving carpets that would otherwise have to be replaced. Contact or text us today for fast, effective service and to choose the best carpet cleaner for the cost. Let us put all that experience to work for you!

Carpet Cleaning Pre-treatment

Our carpet cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection. One of our highly trained technicians will perform a walk-thru with you so that we can identify any spots or stains that may need extra attention and so you may show us the areas that are causing you the most concern. If there are any special stains that need to be removed or repairs that need to be performed, such as stretching or patching, we do these first.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

We then clean your carpets using the “Hot Water Extraction” method (more commonly known as steam cleaning). This is the most common professional wet carpet cleaning method. It is the only method recommended by carpet manufacturers and it is the only method that will not void your carpets warranty.

Your carpets must be cleaned at least once per year, and carpet protector must be reapplied to maintain the warranty. Using water at 200 degrees, we blast the mildew, dirt, oils, and other contaminates out of your carpet fibers and remove them from your home forever with our powerful vacuum then leaving your dry carpet looking better than ever before.

Carpet Care Protection After Carpet Cleaning

Once all areas have been thoroughly cleaned, we apply a carpet protector that coats your carpet fibers and protects them from staining and wear. Last we groom all cleaned areas with a special effective tool called a carpet rake. This step separates and raises the carpet fibers, giving them an evenly groomed appearance and allowing for faster floor drying.

Free 6 Month Spot and Spill Warranty

You simply give us a call or send us a text message about the spots, and we come running back as soon as possible to clean it up for free! Just another way Hydra Clean is saving peace of mind, and lives. FIND OUT MORE



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