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Scotchgard Treatments

So, what is Scotchgard, and why do I need it?

All new carpets have Scotchgard, or other brand protectants, applied at the factory. That’s what makes them “stain resistant”. A Scotchgard treatment coats the fibers of your carpet and creates a barrier that repels liquids and soil. Regular traffic and cleaning removes this protective barrier. In fact, in the areas that are walked on the most (traffic patterns), the Scotchgard protection will only last for about 12 months. This is why carpet manufacturers warranties require professional cleaning and reapplication of Scotchgard every 12 months.

Reapplying Scotchgard offers several benefits. Your Scotchgard protected carpets will vacuum easier, and more efficiently. Spots and Spills will be easier to remove and will create far fewer permanent stains. Your carpets and upholstery will stay looking new longer and will respond better to future professional cleaning. And don’t forget…

Every carpet we protect with Scotchgard is included in our FREE 12 Month “Spot and Spill Warranty”. If something is spilled or tracked on to your carpets that you cannot remove, we come out at no charge and professionally attempt to remove the spot! Finally- peace of mind with our 12 Month “Spot and Spill Warranty”- FREE when you reapply Scotchgard carpet protection.

Scotchguard treatment
Scotchguard treatment
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