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Exterior Cleaning

If you want your business to look clean, inviting, and professional, then commercial carpet cleaning is a must have. The carpets in your business receive many times the foot traffic that their residential counterparts. Without regular maintenance, these commercial carpets quickly become heavily worn and soiled.

At Hydra Clean, we understand what is needed to keep your commercial carpets looking great while maximizing their life. You need a plan, and we can prescribe one, tailored specifically to suit your needs.

Floor Damage Prevention

The first part of the plan is prevention. Rugs or ‘walk off’ mats placed outside and inside of all entry points will ‘catch’ a large portion of the dirt that would otherwise be tracked onto the carpet. They will, however, also need periodic cleaning to retain their effectiveness. We can clean these rugs as well, and when added into an overall maintenance plan, the cost is extremely low, if not completely free!

Another good prevention practice is keeping the outside areas leading up to your building entrances clean. A weekly sweeping to clear dirt and debris, coupled with pressure washing once or twice a year will keep the outside of your building looking great and will extend the life of your commercial carpets by many years.

Now, we know that not all dirt can be prevented from entering your building. That’s why the next part of the plan is regular vacuuming. Studies have shown that 75-80% of soil can be removed from carpeting by dry vacuuming. Regular vacuuming is also the best weapon you have against carpet wear, and here’s why.

When dirt, sand, grit, and other soil is left in carpet, every time the carpet is walked on, it has an abrasive effect. If you were to give your carpet a few scrubs with some sandpaper every day, you can imagine how quickly it would become faded and worn! It sounds extreme, but this is what happens and it’s why carpets develop a ‘traffic pattern’ so quickly. Wear is permanent. Once the damage is done, no amount of cleaning can reverse it. It’s like trying to wash the scratches out of your cars paint job.

Commercial Carpet Warranties

Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned and protected at least once per year. In fact, yearly cleaning and protection is necessary to uphold your carpets warranty. This is a good rule of thumb, and it may be all some areas need. Areas with more foot traffic may require more regular cleaning and protection. Example. The carpet in an individual office will receive less traffic than the hallway that leads to it, and that hallway will get less traffic than the main entrance or lobby. A typical commercial maintenance plan will outline one cleaning per year for individual offices, twice yearly or quarterly cleanings for hallways and conference rooms, and quarterly or monthly cleanings for a main entrance, lobby, or break room.

We also offer other services that can be added in to your maintenance plan at substantial savings. We can clean and protect your office furniture, clean your ceramic tile and grout, clean and polish stone floors and granite, as well as wax and clean vinyl composition tile. If your business is interested in the benefits of one of our maintenance plans, give us a call or shoot us a text and we’ll come out and discuss all the options so you can decide on the maintenance plan that best suits your needs.


commercial floor cleaning hattiesburg ms
commercial floor cleaning hattiesburg ms

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