Spot And Spill Warranty

Spot And Spill Warranty

Imagine you just paid good money to have your carpets professionally cleaned. They look, feel, and smell great! You are still smiling when you come around the corner to find your daughter has just spilled her drink, or your son has just tracked in mud. Your first thought…..Murder!

But wait, you had your carpets thoroughly cleaned and protected by HydraClean. That means you have a 6 month Spot and Spill warranty. You simply give us a call or send us a text message about the spots, and we come running back as soon as possible to clean it up for free! Just another way HydraClean is saving peace of mind, and lives.


  • So Happy...

    I am so happy with the friendly service. Staff is professional, reasonable prices and excellent results!! This company backs everything the do!! They even removed ink stains…yep my dog got a hold of an ink pen and made a horrible mess. HYDRA CLEAN removed every stain I’m so grateful! It would be difficult to find a better cleaning service!!

    Cheryl Spencer
  • Prompt and Professional...

    Very prompt and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of their services

    Karla Perkins-Thompson
  • Amazing...Smells Great...

    Carpet looks amazing and smells great. Also stretched the carpet to get rid of bubbles that had formed. They are quick and courteous.

    Lonnie R. Robertson