Odor Removal

Odor Removal 

Pet stains and odor are without a doubt the most difficult issue that professional carpet cleaners face. Pet urine is not something that can simply be cleaned out of carpet, or any other absorbent material, unless it is cleaned up immediately. Urine is in a neutral state when it is deposited. This is when cleaning is easiest and most successful. Once the urine has become exposed to the air, it begins to change and become acidic. This is when the stain starts to become permanently attached to your carpet fibers. The longer it stays there, the more permanent it becomes, and it isn’t just carpet fibers that are affected.

The padding underneath your carpet as well as the concrete or wood floor lying under the padding will most likely be affected also. In some cases of minor contamination, neutralizers, enzymes, and oxidizers can be used to correct the staining and odor. In most cases, however, much more is needed. The carpet may need to be pulled up so that the padding can be removed and replaced and so that the flooring underneath can be treated or sealed. Tack strips and baseboards may also need to be sealed or replaced.

There are no miraculous treatments nor products to completely eradicate pet stains or pet odor. We do, however, have several specialty products designed to treat pet stains and odor. If you have a pet stain and/or odor problem that you would like us to investigate, we would be happy to come out and evaluate your situation. Our estimates and evaluations are always free of charge. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!


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  • So Happy…

    I am so happy with the friendly service. Staff is professional, reasonable prices and excellent results!! This company backs everything the do!! They even removed ink stains…yep my dog got a hold of an ink pen and made a horrible mess. HYDRA CLEAN removed every stain I’m so grateful! It would be difficult to find a better cleaning service!!

    Cheryl Spencer

  • Prompt and Professional…

    Very prompt and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of their services

    Karla Perkins-Thompson

  • Amazing…Smells Great…

    Carpet looks amazing and smells great. Also stretched the carpet to get rid of bubbles that had formed. They are quick and courteous.

    Lonnie R. Robertson

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