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Upholstery cleaning is an important service to maintain the beauty of your home or business.  There are a variety of techniques that can be used for professional upholstery cleaning, from steam-cleaning to deep scrubbing methods. Depending on the severity of damage, customers may need one or multiple treatments. Our skilled technicians will have all the tools necessary to clean your furniture and leave it looking new and beautiful.

Looking for a quality furniture and upholstery cleaning service in Hattiesburg, MS? Look no further than Hydra Clean! We offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs, including deep-cleaning and special treatments for delicate fabrics. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

Upholstery Cleaning Hattiesburg MS
Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning near Hattiesburg MS

Furniture Cleaning Service

You trust Hydra Clean to clean your carpet, so why not trust us to clean your furniture as well? We understand that your furniture may be one of the biggest investments in your home. With that in mind, you can count on the expertise of Hydra Clean to get the job done right. Our trained technicians demonstrate furniture cleaning know-how with the same highly-effective cleaning method that is designed specifically for your unique fabric type.

It all begins with an analysis of your furniture to determine the appropriate technique, while paying close attention to any problem areas. Then we use our specially formulated furniture cleaning agents to powerfully but safely clean your furniture. Our experts ensure that everything is done right without damaging the fabric.

The results speak for themselves. You’ll be rid of the dirt, dust and other pollutants that collect in the cracks and crevices of your upholstered and leather furniture. And you can take comfort in the fact that better care extends the life of your investment.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Even leather furniture needs a regular cleaning. It takes on the same dirt and pollutants as upholstered furniture. However, unlike upholstered furniture, leather faces the added challenge of lost moisture and softness over time. Store-bought leather cleaners and conditioners provide immediate relief, but they can also cause long-term damage.

Proper maintenance demands an experienced professional. HydraClean uses safe, professional leather cleaners, moisturizers and protectors to rejuvenate your leather furniture—without harmful side effects.

Clean, Protect, and Preserve

We can deodorize and protect your furniture after every cleaning, just as we do with our carpet cleaning services

 . Our experts spray the protector on your furniture to create an invisible barrier around the fibers. This improves resistance to dry soil, water-based stains, and daily wear and tear. We can also apply a deodorizer that neutralizes odors by eliminating them at their source. After every furniture-cleaning, a fresh, clean scent prevails, and your furniture continues to look great year after year

The Hydra Clean Difference

So don’t settle for drab. And don’t buy new. Let our professional deep clean inject new life into your favorite chair or sofa. From couch cleaning to sofa cleaning to all the upholstered and leather furniture in your home, get a clean you can trust. Keeping your furniture clean will not only make it look more attractive, it will increase the longevity of the furniture’s materials. While cleaning a whole house worth of furniture can represent a major undertaking, it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Free 6 Month Spot and Spill Warranty

You simply give us a call or send us a text message about the spots, and we come running back as soon as possible to clean it up for free! Just another way Hydra Clean is saving peace of mind, and lives. Find Out More.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be absolutely delighted with our service. That is our ultimate goal. If you aren't thrilled about our service for any reason, we will do everything in our power to fix it, and if it can't be fixed we guarantee you won't be charged, or all or your money will be returned, period.

We have more than 25 years of experience

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Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning near Hattiesburg MS

Benefits Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is an important part of keeping your furniture looking and smelling its best. Professional upholstery cleaning offers many benefits, from pet urine removal treatment to steam cleaning costs that are more reasonable than those of DIY solutions.

The primary benefit of professional upholstery cleaning is the ability to remove deep-set dirt and soil as well as odors caused by pets or smoke. Cleaning upholstered surfaces requires special techniques such as vacuuming with high suction power and using specific detergents for different fabrics. Upholstery cleaners have access to this advanced equipment and can often offer better results than doing it yourself.

Another advantage of professional upholstery cleaning is that experienced technicians know exactly what kind of product should be used on a particular type of fabric and how much pressure needs to be applied when removing spots or stains without damaging the material. They also use eco-friendly products which are safe for both people and pets, so you don’t need to worry about any harsh chemicals being left behind after they clean your furniture.

In addition, professionals tend to charge lower rates per square foot compared to do-it-yourself methods, making them a great option if you want to save money while still getting excellent results. Depending on the size of the job, you could end up paying significantly less for professional upholstery cleaning services versus buying all the supplies needed for DIY projects like shampooing carpets or spot treating delicate fabrics yourself.

Professional upholstery cleaning can help revive old furniture and extend its life span at a fraction of the cost associated with purchasing new items – especially when factoring in pet urine removal treatments and other specialized services like steam cleaning costs offered by companies in Hattiesburg MS. Investing in regular cleanings from experts will ensure your pieces look their best while helping keep allergens, bacteria, molds and dust mites away from your home environment – something every homeowner wants!

FAQ on Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning
How Often Should Upholstery Be Cleaned?

Upholstery cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance. Keeping upholstered furniture clean can help it last longer and look better, as well as reduce allergens in the air. But how often should furniture be cleaned?

Regular vacuuming is important for removing dirt, debris, and pet hair from fabric surfaces. This helps to prevent further embedding of these materials into the fibers. Vacuuming should be done at least once per week if possible. Upholstery shampooing or deep steam cleaning should be done on an annual basis to remove deeper-seated dirt and oils that cannot be reached by regular vacuuming alone. Some professionals even recommend doing this twice a year depending on your environment and usage levels.

If you’re dealing with heavily soiled fabrics or spots that won’t come out with regular treatment, professional cleaning services may be needed more frequently than once a year. Pet owners who have multiple animals are especially likely to need more frequent visits from professional cleaners due to the amount of pet dander in their homes. It’s also important to consider environmental factors such as dust mites when deciding how often upholstery needs to be professionally cleaned.

Maintaining clean upholstery not only keeps your furniture looking great but also improves indoor air quality so everyone in your Hattiesburg MS home can breathe easy knowing they’re safe from airborne contaminants! Regularly scheduled cleanings will ensure your furniture looks its best for years down the road while keeping germs away from those living inside the space. So don’t forget about getting your upholstery cleaned regularly – it could just save you time and money in the long run!

Is Upholstery Cleaning Safe For Pets And Children?

Upholstery cleaning is an important part of home maintenance and upkeep, but many people have questions about the safety of such practices for pets and children. It can often be difficult to determine whether or not upholstery cleaning products are safe for use around family members. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken to ensure that all family members remain safe during the process.

To begin with, it is essential to research any product before using it on upholstered furniture. This will help to avoid any potential reactions from dangerous chemicals contained in certain cleaners. In addition, some vacuums are designed specifically to eliminate dust mites, which may contribute to allergies or other health risks if left untreated. By investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner, families can prevent these issues while still keeping their furniture clean and free of dirt and debris.

When performing an upholstery cleaning session at home, pet owners should take extra precautions when working with animals present in the area. Pets may become agitated by loud noises or unfamiliar smells arising from the cleaning process, so it is best to keep them away until everything has been completed. If possible, try setting aside a specific room for them as well as providing plenty of fresh air throughout the entire duration of the job. Additionally, consider covering furniture surfaces with protective covers prior to beginning work; this will help protect both furnishings and furry friends alike.

Finally, parents should also take extra care when deciding how often upholstery should be cleaned at home due to its impact on children’s health and wellbeing. Dust particles can accumulate over time within fabric fibers causing respiratory problems or skin irritation among small ones; therefore regular cleanings are recommended especially where kids play or spend most of their time indoors like bedrooms or living rooms. Taking into account these facts will allow parents to make informed decisions according to their own personal needs and preferences thus guaranteeing a healthier environment for everyone involved.

By following proper guidelines when tackling upholstery cleaning tasks at home, families can rest assured knowing that their loved ones – both human and animal –will stay protected from any potential harm caused by hazardous fumes released during the procedure.

Does Upholstery Cleaning Remove Odors?

Upholstery cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance. It can help to eliminate dirt, grime and other messes that accumulate over time. But one issue that often arises when discussing upholstery cleaning is whether or not it can remove odors as well. To answer this question, we must look at the types of fabrics used in furniture and how they react to certain chemicals.

The type of fabric found on furniture varies depending on its purpose and the design aesthetic chosen by the homeowner. Some materials are better suited for odor removal than others due to their chemical composition. For example, natural fibers such as cotton or wool will absorb odors more easily than synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon. Therefore, if you have furniture with these kinds of fabrics, then upholstery cleaning may be effective in removing any unpleasant smells from your space.

On the other hand, some types of fabrics do not respond well to harsh chemicals which are sometimes used during an upholstery cleaning process. This includes delicate items such as silk or velvet which could become damaged if treated too harshly or with the wrong kind of solution. In addition, leathers can also be sensitive to certain products so they should only be cleaned using gentle cleaners specifically designed for them.

Overall, determining whether upholstery cleaning removes odors depends largely on what kind of material was used in making the furniture item being cleaned and also what kind of cleaner is being utilized during the process. When selecting a product for use in an upholstery cleaning job, always read labels carefully before applying anything to ensure that it will work properly without causing damage or discoloration to your furnishings. With proper care and attention given to these details, homeowners can rest assured knowing their beloved pieces are safe from harm while still getting rid of unwanted scents from their homes effectively.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Upholstery Fabric?

Upholstery fabric requires special attention when cleaning to ensure that it does not become damaged. The best way to clean upholstery fabric is by vacuuming, deep steam cleaning and spot treating with gentle cleaners. Vacuuming should be done regularly in order to remove dirt, dust and other particles from the surface of the furniture. Deep steam cleaning will help reach deeper into the fabric fibers, removing stains and odors while also killing any bacteria present. Spot treatment involves using a gentle cleaner on targeted areas where there are spills or stubborn stains, followed by blotting away excess moisture.

When selecting a cleaner for spot treatments, it is important to make sure that it is both non-abrasive and suitable for use on upholstery fabrics. It is also important to test the product first on an inconspicuous area before using it all over the furniture piece as some products may cause discoloration or fading of certain materials if used incorrectly. Using gentle detergents designed specifically for upholstered fabrics can help avoid such issues and provide effective results without damaging the material.
In addition to regular vacuuming and professional deep steam cleaning methods, careful attention must be paid when handling wet surfaces during spot treatments in order to prevent water damage or mildew growth which could permanently stain or ruin the upholstered material. Blot out excess liquid with a dry cloth immediately after applying cleaner solution rather than rubbing at stained areas vigorously as this could further push liquids into the cushion padding below causing more problems down the line.

To sum up, proper care taken while cleaning upholstery fabric helps maintain its look and feel while extending its lifespan thereby providing long term value for money spent. Regular vacuuming combined with periodic deep steam cleaning sessions along with gentle spot treatments can go a long way in preserving your cherished pieces of furniture in excellent condition making them last longer despite everyday wear and tear they are subjected to due to frequent usage.

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What To Expect During An Upholstery Cleaning Appointment

Upholstery cleaning is a great way to restore the look and feel of your furniture. It can be done on most types of fabrics, including sectionals, sofas, chairs, ottomans and more. During an upholstery cleaning appointment, you should expect the technician to perform detailed inspection and pre-treatment procedures before beginning the actual cleaning process.

The technician will use hot water extraction to remove soil from deep within the fibers of your furniture. This technique also helps eliminate pet odors that may have accumulated over time. The hot water extraction process typically takes 30 minutes or less and is followed by an application of fabric protector designed to protect against future staining.

Once the cleaning stage is complete, technicians will usually apply spot treatments as needed for any difficult stains remaining after the initial cleanse. They may also inspect areas such as seams and crevices where additional attention may be required in order to achieve desired results. Depending on the condition of your particular piece of furniture, this procedure could take another 15 minutes or longer.

Finally, upon completion, technicians should provide customers with recommendations regarding how often they should have their upholstered furniture professionally cleaned in order to ensure optimal results for years to come at reasonable costs. Taking proper care of your upholstery is essential if you want it to last long-term without losing its beauty or comfortability; professional upholstery cleaning appointments are one key tool that can help make this happen.

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How To Protect Upholstery From Future Stains

Upholstery is a great way to add comfort and style to any home. However, it can be difficult to keep upholstered furniture looking clean and new. To avoid common stains from damaging the fabric of your furniture, there are several steps you can take in order to protect it from future stains.

First, it is important to understand the types of household allergens that may cause staining on fabrics. These include dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores and other microscopic particles that accumulate over time. By regularly vacuuming or cleaning your upholstery with an appropriate cleaner for the type of material used, you can reduce these allergens and their associated risks of staining.

Second, applying a protector application specifically formulated for the type of fabric being treated will help provide additional protection against spills and dirt build-up on upholstery. This should be done every six months or as needed depending on usage. Additionally, using specialty upholstery tools such as microfiber cloths and lint rollers when cleaning can also help remove debris without causing damage to the fibers beneath.

Finally, regular maintenance is key in preserving the look and feel of your upholstered furniture while keeping it free of unwanted messes. Vacuuming once per week with an upright vacuum cleaner configured with special attachments designed for use on delicate fabrics will help ensure that dust bunnies don’t become permanent fixtures within your furnishings’ crevices! Furthermore, spot treating stubborn stains immediately after they occur will also minimize discoloration caused by prolonged exposure to moisture or sunlight – both factors which can lead to fading if not addressed quickly enough.

In summary: Taking proactive measures like understanding what causes staining so that preventative steps can be taken ahead of time; applying specialized protectors; utilizing proper cleaning techniques; and investing in regular maintenance routines all go a long way towards ensuring the longevity of your beloved pieces of furniture’s appearance – no matter how frequently guests come knocking at your door!

Upholstery Cleaning Hattiesburg MS

Tips For Keeping Upholstery Clean And Maintaining Its Appearance

Keeping upholstery clean and maintaining its appearance is beneficial for any home. It not only adds to the aesthetic appeal, but also ensures that furniture pieces last longer and remain free from dust and dirt. Furniture deodorizer,upholstery cleaning machine,hot water extraction are some of the tips one can employ to keep their upholstery looking new.

To begin with, using a good quality furniture deodorizer on the upholstery regularly helps in keeping it fresh and smelling nice. This will make sure that no unpleasant odors develop over time due to sweat or other factors. A soft cloth should be used when applying this product as harsh scrubbing may damage the fabric.

Upholstery cleaning machines are great investments for people who want to ensure that their sofas and couches stay hygienic all year round. These devices provide deep-cleaning solutions by removing dirt from even hard-to-reach areas of the material. Hot water extraction is another effective method which involves spraying hot water mixed with detergent onto the fabric surface and then vacuuming it out after allowing it to soak in for a few minutes.

Finally, proper maintenance of upholstered furniture items goes beyond regular cleaning; soaking spills quickly prevents them from seeping into the fibers further damaging them while gentle brushing every few weeks removes crumbs, hairs and pet fur from settling down making it easier to vacuum away later on. Additionally, rearranging cushions now and again helps increase their longevity as well as fluffing them often keeps them looking full instead of sagging down over time due to wear and tear.

Taking these proactive steps will help maintain upholstery’s attractive look throughout its lifespan without needing professional assistance too frequently!

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Types Of Upholstery Cleaning Services Available In Hattiesburg MS

Upholstery cleaning is an important part of maintaining the appearance of furnishings in homes, businesses, and other environments. Hattiesburg MS residents have a variety of upholstery cleaning services available to them. These range from basic maintenance cleanings to specialty treatments for delicate fabrics. Here are some of the types of upholstery cleaning options that are available to Hattiesburg residents and the surrounding communities.

One common type of upholstery cleaning service offered in Hattiesburg MS is a regular maintenance cleaning. This involves a thorough vacuuming and spot-cleaning with proprietary cleaning solutions designed specifically for use on furniture fabric. A professional cleaner may also provide additional services such as steam or dry-cleaning depending upon the material being treated. For example, some specialty fabrics may require special treatment due to their fragile nature and susceptibility to damage from traditional cleaning techniques.

Another type of service that can be found in Hattiesburg MS involves deep-cleanings using specialized methods such as hot water extraction or foam encapsulation technology. Hot water extraction uses high pressure jets to blast dirt and debris out of the fibers without damaging them while foam encapsulation surrounds particles in bubbles which dissolve when vacuumed away leaving no residue behind. Both processes can be used to remove tough stains and odors from even the most stubborn materials.

Lastly, We offer eco-friendly alternatives for those who wish to reduce their environmental impact during upholstery cleaning projects. Such green cleaners use natural ingredients like citrus extracts instead of harsh chemical solvents which can cause long term wear and tear on your furniture’s fabric over time if not removed properly after each session. They also employ air purification systems that draw dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, mildew, smoke particles and more out of the air making it easier for people with allergies or asthma breathe better indoors without having to worry about airborne irritants lingering around after a job has been completed.

No matter what kind of upholstery needs you may have in Hattiesburg MS there is sure to be a professional capable of providing just the right solution for your specific situation so don’t hesitate to reach out today if you’re looking for quality results!

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How To Remove Common Stains From Upholstery

Upholstery cleaning is a necessary task for any home or business, but it can be difficult to know how to effectively remove stains without damaging the material. There are several common stain removal techniques that can help restore furniture in Hattiesburg MS and leave it looking as good as new. Here are five tips on removing common stains from upholstery:

1) Blotting: When dealing with liquid-based stains like coffee, soda, or wine, blotting away excess moisture is an important first step. Use paper towels or white cloths that have been dampened with water to absorb moisture out of the fibers.

2) Vacuuming: Vacuum upholstered furniture once per week using a vacuum cleaner fitted with an appropriate brush head attachment. This will reduce built-up dirt, dust mites and other debris which can cause staining if not removed regularly.

3) Upholstery Cleaner: For tougher spots and spills use an appropriate upholstery cleaner such as one formulated specifically for fabric care or carpet deodorizer designed to neutralize odors within fabrics. Apply according to directions provided by the manufacturer and test on a small area beforehand before applying liberally over larger areas of your furniture.

4) Steam Cleaning: Make sure you hire a professional steam cleaning service when attempting this method of stain removal as too much heat could damage certain types of upholstery fibers. The process works best on sofas made from natural materials such as cotton and linen, while synthetic fabrics may require dry cleaning instead of steam cleaning methods.

5) Dry Cleaning: Many modern sofas come pre-treated against oil based stains such as grease and food oils making them easier to clean at home than traditional models which may need specialist dry cleaning services in order to entirely remove stubborn marks left behind by everyday wear and tear

It is essential to remember that different fabrics respond differently to various treatments; always read labels carefully and check with manufacturers instructions prior to beginning any kind of deep cleaning procedure on your furnishings. It is also important to keep in mind that some products might void warranties if used incorrectly so make sure you take all precautions when tackling tough stains around the house. Knowing what products work best for each type of fabric will ensure long lasting results without sacrificing quality or comfort – leaving space feeling fresh, vibrant, comfortable and above all else clean!

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DIY Upholstery Cleaning Vs. Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning can be a daunting task, but it is important to keep your furniture looking its best. DIY upholstery cleaning and professional upholstery cleaning methods each have their own advantages and disadvantages. To determine which method is right for you, consider the type of fabric on your sofa or chair as well as the size of the job.
Leather sofas require special care due to their delicate nature and should always be cleaned professionally. Professional cleaners often use proprietary cleaning solutions that are not available to consumers. These solutions safely clean leather while preserving its natural oils and keeping it soft to the touch.
For other types of fabrics such as cotton or microfiber, hot carbonating extraction may be used by professionals. This process injects a solution deep into the fibers and then uses powerful suction equipment to extract dirt from beneath the surface layers of fabric. The result is cleaner, brighter furniture without any residue being left behind.
DIY upholstery cleaning involves using basic household products like soap, vinegar, or baking soda mixed with water in a spray bottle. If done correctly this will provide adequate results for small jobs where only light dust has accumulated over time. However for larger tasks such as removing pet hair or ground-in stains, professional services would likely offer better results with less effort expended by homeowners who don’t want to risk damaging their furniture further through incorrect application techniques.
In short, understanding when to do it yourself versus hiring a professional depends on how much experience you have caring for different fabrics plus the scope of work needed to restore your furniture’s original glory.